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Most people would call Komaru a thief or a burglar, although he prefers to refer to himself as a simple locksmith. If pressed, he won't deny that he also has a night-job to supplement his income. He's a man with a code of honour, though. He won't steal from anyone who can't afford it, or who doesn't deserve it. He never targets the poor, and he only plies his trade against people who take advantage of others in some way. His preferred targets are indiscriminate thieves (in which category he includes unscrupulous merchants and weapons dealers and others who prey on the desperation of others), and dishonest or otherwise corrupt politicians.

He considers himself first and foremost a technician. He genuinely enjoys making locks that are almost impossible to crack, and when it comes to cracking locks and traps designed by others... well, that's an art-form. Anyone can smash a lock or get around a trap. It takes a more subtle hand to spring a lock or disable a trap so it appears that no one was ever there messing with it. And Komaru is nothing if not a subtle man.

He is, in keeping with that, a man who has hidden depths. For one, he can see and communicate with the dead. This is not an ability he ever wanted, and certain not one he had an easy time coming to terms with, but it's one he's learning to accept and utilize. After all, he is nothing if not practical. His other secret is better-kept. Komaru is not, in fact, human, although even many of his good friends are unaware of the fact. His shape-shifting is a facet of his being that he was raised to keep carefully concealed from an often-judgmental human populace. He indulges regularly; he just doesn't like anyone who might be put off by the ability to know about it. He's not ashamed, just wary. In fact, only his closest friend and a few business associates know of the ability. That and a nice old lady who lives across the street from his flat and often feeds his fox-form treats...

(Komaru is an original character originally designed for the Pathfinder campaign I play in. He's a kitsune rogue with a sideline in illusion and enchantment magic, and one mythic tier after he was at ground zero for a necromantic ritual that went completely sideways thanks to the interference of his party. Fittingly enough, "Komaru" is from the Japanese for "to get into trouble".

He is portrayed here by Canadian actor Ryan Robbins, who played another shape-shifter, Henry Foss, on SyFy's Sanctuary.)
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